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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 from 3pm -5pm @ Asheville Mothership in West Asheville

Thursday, December 7, 2017 from  630-830pm @ Homegrown Families in North Asheville

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FEEL your anatomy

Learn about your pelvic bones, pelvic floor structures, low back muscles and how all of it connects to your vagina. Touch your own body to know landmarks, critical muscles for support and alignment. Pelvic alignment and gives a solid foundation for your very busy spine.

LEARN correct toileting/postural habits

Many people have been using the powder room for 30 or 40 years and have never heard what is ‘ideal’ for correct toileting habits! Get valuable ‘normals’ for how often to pee, how much, correct posture and so much more. Its something you do MANY times per day and doing it ‘wrong’ can contribute to many of the problems we all experience.

MOVE your hips and kegels

Are you really doing kegels or maybe just a big glute squeeze? How can you tell? Get specific feedback from your own body to KNOW you are doing your kegels correctly. Learn how frequently to do kegels for your specific body type. Move your body using familiar yoga poses with a new awareness of your pelvic floor supporting your spinal stability!

SHIFT your nervous system to relax/support your pelvis

The critical piece of the physical dysfunction puzzle most commonly missed by western medicine is how your nervous system is affecting your muscle function. You don’t think about not peeing all day… you just don’t pee until it’s time, right? Well, that means the ‘automatic’ nervous system is working and your ‘functional’ nervous system says “ lets pee now.” Learn about the autonomic nervous system and how it is affecting your pelvis all day every day and may be the key to unlocking your total health!

MASSAGE your own body for vitality

In a traditional massage we get our hips and back and feet and legs and neck loosened up to a delightful buttery softness! But what about our deepest and most supportive pelvic muscles? Nobody is massaging those! The muscles around your vagina can be scary, shameful or taboo at times but I am stoked to shift that paradigm! Take the fear out of vaginal massage: you will receive a map of your own pelvic floor that will guide you to feel comfortable and empowered to massage your special pelvic muscles into perfect function.

Group-Based Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

We offer pelvic floor classes and class series for both prenatal and postpartum women.

Postpartum Exercise Program

**If you and a friend would like to attend a session together postpartum for specific home exercise program creation, cost of session may be shared between patients. This would not include manual therapy.

Weekly Back Care Yoga Class

All are welcome to attend Libby’s weekly Back Care Yoga class held at Asheville Yoga Center on Thursdays from 12:30-1:45 p.m. See Asheville Yoga Website for more details: Asheville Yoga Center