Announcement for All Patients

Ruth is currently working on creating CEU courses and is taking a break from patient care until March 2023. The best way to be placed on the wait list for an appointment in March is to text 828-367-9199 with your name, email and a note saying you’d like to be placed on the waitlist. Please note, the voicemail box is unmonitored.

In March, all sessions will include both an Intuitive and a Physical Assessment. Ruth has recently been working on a mentorship in intuitive assessments which offer deep energetic insights into the root cause of physical limitations. Visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, strain counter strain, muscle energy technique, myofascial release are a few of the common modalities she uses.

These sessions are power packed and they are not intended to be your regular, frequent PT or mental health support. They will give insight into stuck or persistent patterns that may have emotional or physical origins which can then have ongoing support with adjunct therapists. Once every 3 months or once every 3 weeks is the average frequency that is recommended.

Pregnant and postpartum clients: Please know, AHPT intends to continue to focus on this community by filling a niche need which is truly around trauma, physical or emotional, that affects birth or postpartum. Other therapists in town can help get your pelvic floor coordination mastered. Please seek this type of Meta-physical therapy support as a boost that helps you break free from entrenched patterns and move through trauma based limitations.

Finally, if you are currently working with a PT yet lack insight from your body’s emotional, psychosocial, or psychospiritual aspects, virtual akashic readings can assist with bringing this information forward. Applying this deeper aspect to the bodywork you are already receiving can amplify and speed up your healing dramatically. For this service before March 2023, please text 828-367-9199 to inquire about availability.

New practice location beginning March 2023:

81 Central Ave. Asheville NC 28801 
at the former Stillpoint Wellness Spa building.
Please note, Ruth’s clients can receive %15 off salt water float tank sessions!