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Below you will find a comprehensive list of services offered by Charlotte. Click on the service name to view details for that particular service.

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The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

This time honored abdominal therapy is a slow, deep, external (non-invasive) massage treatment for the abdomen, lower back and hips. This massage benefits both men and women and is known to be highly effective for fertility, and digestive issues, hormonal imbalance and a wide variety of common female symptoms.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® addresses the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs. It works to soften the musculature, adjust the uterus to its optimal position in the abdominal cavity and release muscular armoring in the trunk, which can improve circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid, nerve impulses and qi in this vital area of the body. Visit Arvigo Therapy for more information.

The first session for the abdominal work is 2hrs. Follow-up sessions are 1.5hrs.

Craniosacral Therapy

What does a craniosacral session look like?

My job as a craniosacral therapist is to tune in and deeply listen to what your needs are during a session. Craniosacral work follows the adage that the body has the innate ability to heal itself if given the ideal situation in which to do so. My job as a therapist is to hold space for that to unfold in a way that feels gentle and safe to my clients. I assess and release restrictions in the nervous system that have developed either due to physical, emotional or spiritual distress.

Customized Pain Relief

A structurally oriented massage with the goal of alleviating chronic or acute pain and tension, relax muscle spasms and correct postural problems. When the body is in proper alignment it becomes more resilient, less prone to injury and illness. This type of massage is personalized to address your individual needs. Techniques include Myofascial Release, Triggerpoint Therapy, Post-isometric stretching and Swedish Massage. Charlotte’s approach to Pain Relief is often much more gentle than the typical deep tissue massage. She is capable of working with the tissue in a way that they body views as being non-invasive. Read more about reducing/eliminating chronic pain through massage therapy.

Customized Relaxation Massage

This is certainly not your typical relaxation massage. Yes, you are likely to drift off to sleep or some other altered state of consciousness, but my intention is always based on alignment. I take into consideration muscle imbalances and do work on gently releasing muscles while you float off to relaxation. Not only is this treatment relaxing it also works to enhance your body’s overall vitality. I am capable of feeling blockages of energy along meridian lines and any other areas of stagnation. I then work to gently open up the tissue space around those blockages to allow for unrestricted flow of vital energy. The end result is ultimate relaxation!

Pregnancy Massage

Charlotte uses techniques that she has learned from The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® to gently encourage optimal uterine position, strengthen the uterus, and promote sufficient blood supply to provide nutrients and oxygen to the uterus/baby and to remove toxins. This works to prevent many discomforts of pregnancy and increases the chances of an efficient labor and delivery.

The hormones of pregnancy are a result of interactions between the fetus, the placenta and the pregnant woman’s body. The maternal blood stream provides precursor components to hormones. The synthesis of hormones requires clear circulation in the arterial, venous, and lymph systems as well as proper pelvic nerve function, and the flow of chi.

This technique relieves blockages to improve the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. It can also ease the pain from the normal stretching of the round ligament during pregnancy. These spasms can be much worse if there is pressure on one side from a tilted uterus.

The upper abdominal part of the massage can help prevent heartburn and indigestion by opening the diaphragm and promoting circulation. Maya Abdominal Massage also relaxes and strengthens the abdominal muscles that will be called into service during delivery to assist in giving birth to the baby.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that involves light touch. It works to realign the energy centers in the body, or Chakras. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is a very calm, gentle and soothing approach to help the mind, body and spirit to work together in harmony.

Biomat Healing Sessions

Improve your health and heal your body while you relax in soothing heat.

Designed to ease stress and pain and improve long-term health, the BioMat is a “pad” which lies on top of a massage table to convert electricity through a computerized control panel, into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), nature’s invisible light.

FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave for the body. It helps reduce swelling, increase blood flow, has been shown to destroy cancer and viral cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. It penetrates 6 to 8 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, stimulating the healing and regeneration of nerves and muscle tissue layers.

The negative ions emitted by the BioMat are considered the “Master Power Switch” which activate the body’s entire cellular communication system and make every body function work better. The amethyst crystals in the upper layer of the mat are found to offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of healthy far infrared light waves.

Using the amethyst BioMat regularly, even for just a short amount of time, delivers a range of health improvements. It helps to improve your antioxidant levels, keeps your joints and muscles supple and well conditioned, and leaves your body and mind relaxed and refreshed.

Sessions take place in a private tranquil setting on a massage table. You should dress comfortably.


The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted stewardship for all creation. The nine rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in different cultures. They derive from the great initiations from the Hindus Valley that were brought to the Americas by the first medicine men and women who crossed the Baring Straits from Siberia during the glacial period some 30,000 years ago. Charlotte can gift these rites at the beginning or end of any bodywork, energy work or spiritual healing session. You can also set up a time to do just a Munay-Ki rite. They take about 10-20 minutes each. The rites are given as gifts, but a donation or gift may be accepted. To read more about these rites click here.

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