Certified Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Three Wisdom Traditions wellness coach, and registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP).

Jodie is now offering Ayurveda consultations and private yoga sessions.

Jodie weaves together the traditions of Ayurveda, trauma-informed yoga, and holistic living to offer healing tools that empower clients to enjoy radical wellness and a more vibrant, joyful, well-lived life. She works with individuals in crafting a holistic plan to meet their unique needs and intentions and optimize their health and wellbeing.

Jodie studied Ayurveda under the guidance of her teachers Kathryn Templeton, Sarah Gugliemi, and Sandra Anderson at the Himalayan Institute. She holds certifications as an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and a Three Wisdom Traditions (yoga, Ayurveda and psychology) wellness coach. Jodie completed her 500-hour teacher training program with Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga. She has also completed specialized yoga training in yoga for mental health, trauma recovery, and social justice with Sacred Roots Wellness and Off the Mat, Into the World. Jodie continues her studies in Ayurveda, yoga, and psychology through the Himalayan Institute and is currently working toward certification as an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist.

We all have the capacity for self-healing and to live with vitality and infinite potential so that we can serve our purpose in the world.

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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda translates as “the science or knowledge of life”. It is the traditional healing system of India and the world’s oldest holistic healthcare system for wellness and self-care. Ayurvedic medicine covers physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, and offers a range of methods for healing – including daily and seasonal routines, food principles, herbs, movement, breathwork, meditation, and lifestyle practices – that are all tailored to the unique constitution of the individual. Ayurveda is an invitation to recognize your potential for self-healing and to take responsibility for your own health through continuous participation in aligning with that which nourishes you.


Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultations

Ayurveda Lifestyle consultations include discussion of your health history, routines, and current needs to create a holistic plan using the tools of yoga and Ayurveda to help you thrive. Following the consultation, you will receive formal recommendations, which may include movement, breathwork, meditation, diet, and lifestyle practices. You will receive guidance on daily and seasonal routines to support your health and self-care, and gain a deeper understanding of tap into your inner healer and learn how to nourish yourself in a sustainable way.

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Three Wisdom Traditions Wellness Coaching

Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) wellness coaching sessions integrate the healing wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and psychology to develop a personalized wrap-around treatment plan for you, providing specific stress response support and general wellness practices that build self-regulation, adaptability, and resiliency, and can offer greater wellness and mental health. 3WT supports a return to balance in life and is particularly helpful for reducing stress, promoting mental health, and navigating life’s transitions. 3WT is also suitable for caregivers and healing professionals of all traditions to create balanced lifestyle and support practices for your own care, to decrease burnout and secondary traumatization that can occur in these fields.

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Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are suitable for individuals seeking one-on-one yoga, pranayama (breathwork), relaxation and meditation guidance. These sessions are suitable for individuals interested in developing a personal home practice or looking for supportive practices to manage stress or address specific needs.

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