Liberated Female Bodies is a new empowerment intensive being offered by Ruth Elliot, PT in conjunction with A Simple Vibrant Life’s Jackie Dobrinska. This class takes a multi-faceted approach to fully understand our bodies and reclaim them from shame, cultural baggage, oppression, and fear. Only then can we understand and honor the stories our bodies carry. Explore with us as we blend presentation, movement, and ceremony and take you to a new level within yourself. Sign up for the intensive here:

Your Wild Magnetic Pelvis (2 hrs)

This class will lead to an understanding of the female body and its powerfully magnetic creation. The body holds a template for creating from a wild place that we as women rarely take advantage of. Blending medical intuition, pelvic energetics and anatomy, osteopathic emotional mapping, and women’s empowerment teachings, this class promises to empower women beyond manifestation to embodied creation.

-By Ruth Elliot, PT