Online Holistic Pelvic Education

Holistic Pelvic Education 

A brand new website designed for any person who has a Vagina. It will include spontaneous pelvic healing, deep collective repair for wounds accrued by ALL females, and insightful AWAKENINGS for your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Please- check it out!

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The Secrets of The Pelvis. 

This is my gift to all women. We all hold grief. As you lighten your load, you lighten OUR load. Please receive this with my blessing and best wishes.

Pussy Portal

Enter the Pussy Portal

Our pussies are portals.

They are places of transformation. Places where power is stored.
Our pussies are portals from which a new world is born.

All parts of our body are sacred.
But there are some places we’ve been told to ignore.

Not anymore.

the pussy portal is an online journey

and library of resources to help you access the power of your own root. From pelvic massage to pussy steaming, ancestral tending to earth reclamation. Though these self-guided gateways you’ll gain access to the resources that can help you explore the numinous, mystical, multidimensional and powerful nature of your pussy— aka your portal.

with 250+ pages of pdf material
30+ lessons
15 hours of video and audio material
10 guided meditations and
offerings from the most emergent root healers on earth
the Pussy Portal is one of the richest resource libraries
for pussy healing on the planet.

Enter the Pussy Portal