We are a whole body PT clinic with emphasis on excellent manual therapy and lifestyle modifications to improve digestion, stress management, and core patterns that are causing pain and dysfunction. Many PT clinics do not allow time for an in depth look at your body, lifestyle, and mindset to help you break patterns and truly heal. We allow 1.5 hours with a PT for the first session and this includes treatment and goals set together by you and your PT. This radical approach to health is transformational we look forward to serving you! 

Here’s a taste of what our patients, clients, and students have to say about what we do:

Physical Therapy:

“Ruth is awesome to work with. Her expertise, attention to detail and energy is comforting and encouraging. I saw results quickly after only one session and they only improved with each additional visit.”      -Clary Alana

“The Akashic Integration session with Ruth Elliot was an amazing experience…!!! I highly recommend this session for anyone wanting to delve within one of the deepest resources for healing…” Jennifer J.

“Ruth combines her incredible understanding of female anatomy with magically intuitive hands. She has helped me overcome years of chronic pain that no other practitioner could touch with her gentle touch and wisely prescribed home exercises.” -Jessica Godino, L.Ac 

“I began my journey with Ruth by sending an email describing my less than normal issues with light postpartum bladder leakage. I mentioned I had broken my ankle at the end of my pregnancy, and received a quick reply that said she believed my leg and postpartum bladder issues were related. I was immediately intrigued and booked the first appointment I could get into. While I waited for a first appointment, I attended Save the vagina and found it to be a wealth of information presented in an engaging manner. I have been working with Ruth almost a year. We are slowly uncovering the layers of the onion of my chronic and acute issues. She looks at the body as an interconnected system, and is very thorough at every appointment. She uses a broad range of complementary therapies to help address each issue we encounter. From cupping to osteopathic techniques and many other therapies, she patiently and expertly addresses each issue as we encounter it. She is amazing at understanding the body and asking questions to determine what she needs to do. I have had back issues lately, and I know that when I leave her office I will leave feeling much better and well equipped with exercises, stretches and strategies to use at home so I can continue doing life with an active toddler. I would and do highly recommend Ruth for any of your PT needs. She is amazing!” – J. Z. 

“Ruth Elliot is the most effective PT I have ever been to. She is a master of anatomy and the physics of the human body system. She blends together a multitude of techniques to deliver pain relief, increased range of motion, and ultimately a higher quality of life. From head to foot, she is my go-to professional for all sprains, aches, and tightness. She has my total trust. I am I infinitely thankful for her and her work.” S. Duffer

Group Physical Therapy Pelvic Floor Class: Save Your Vagina

This class has completely transformed how I do pelvic floor exercises and added a new awareness to my posture/knowledge of how it affects my little one…. which is pretty huge. I’m really glad I took this class, and would definitely recommend it.   -Anon


I just attended Ruth’s Save Your Vagina class and it was amazing! I am currently pregnant and wanted to be sure to equip myself with as much knowledge as possible for my postpartum time, and I feel as though I learned more than I even expected to in the class. From a refresher for basic pelvic floor exercises, to learning techniques on how to self-massage the pelvic floor, this is a workshop I feel everyone would benefit from taking! ~Nancy C.