Community Building- the remedy for Corona Virus

Need to feel more embodied? 

Try telehealth PT. Kerry and Ruth are working from home with new and previous clients who want to support their bodies with specific therapeutic exercises, self-massage techniques, and body balancing activities. Through Zoom conference calls we can see where the body is not moving, which muscles aren’t firing, and help patients solve pain and discomfort with the help of partners, massage balls, foam rollers, kinesiotaping techniques, and effective stretches. 

Try Telehealth for FREE **THIS WEEK ONLY! 

Read this review to see how helpful telehealth PT can really be. 

Need mental health support? 

Try an akashic record session to learn about your personal soul wisdom regarding this global experience. These readings can be done remotely and can truly energize your connection to calm, peace, and inner guidance moving through these challenging times. What an amazing investment in your wellbeing. REDUCED PRICE for Pandemic 2020. 

My dear friend, Stacey Jaudon LCSW, is offering low cost/sliding scale mental health support for any and all kinds during this global shift. Stacey says: “After much meditation, I have made a personal decision to offer my online pastoral counseling/IFS coaching for a sliding scale of $40-$60 a session for the next few months. It’s my hope to help relieve some of the isolation and fear surfacing during this difficult time.”

If you know of anyone in your circle who would benefit from some extra support right now, please feel free to share her email:

Need to be more active? 

Try our online challenge videos… stay tuned and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Try local studios like West Asheville Yoga, Asheville Community Yoga, Asheville Yoga Center or Fusion Pilates. Here’s just a little Shout out to all those we love at these studios for continuing to build our community <3 

Or…stream amazon prime prenatal yoga videos 

Need local organic food delivered? 

Try Mother Earth Food

They are taking excellent preventative measures for your veggies and also keeping our local farmers in business. 

We offer our deepest gratitude to local farmers <3 

In pain and need in-person hands-on support? 

Kerry is able to see PT clients at our office in a very isolated area where cleaning/sanitizing can be well maintained. 

Need energy healing and prayer specifically for some at-risk folks? 

Ceremonies, with the support of the Divine Mother Center, implementing supernatural remedies for protection and healing during this time. For information soon on how to join in these prayer fires, or to include family or friends in need of extra support, please email

Need herbal information for healing or immunity? 

*You can watch this free video made by a member of our community, Jackie Dobrinska aka herbal yogini, who has done extensive research. She is also hosting an herbal Facebook event which you can attend for donation. 

*Another resource is THIS BOOK!! Pandemic Home Care : Available for purchase as an e-book and print on demand from Amazon 

Any expectant or new moms needing inspiration?

There’s Netflix documentary series called Babies that has helped change my nighttime dreams from fear and anxiety dreams to processing an abundance of milk and baby connection during this time. 

Need acupuncture but don’t want to risk going into a clinic? 

Try telehealth acupuncture with Kerry Goodwin, L.Ac at Sacred Valley Acupuncture. Here is a review from Kerry Tobin, DPT who recently received support from this modality: —Kerry Goodwin is an extremely talented provider. From her caring demeanor and to her skills and knowledge, I feel very lucky to have been her patient. She has changed my life in that she opened my eyes to things that I had been ignoring about my own body and is empowering me to heal naturally through lifestyle modification, Chinese medicine, dietary changes, acupuncture and herbs. I recently had an appointment with her over telehealth and Kerry was able to make me feel so supported and empowered to continue what we have been working on in person with giving me tools for home while we are quarantined! I highly recommend Kerry Goodwin :)” – K.T.   

Want to use this time at home wisely? 

You can study non-violent communication while in deep community with your closest loved ones. Steve Torma, miraculous local teacher of this heart-centered communication intimacy training, is offering this class online and by donation. An amazing opportunity for anyone. Ruth has taken this course multiple times and is sure it has rewired her brain and heart to better support her clients, friends, and family. 

The class Save Your Vagina is alive and well in an online format –  we are offering this class Monday from 2-4 pm via zoom. Sign up online this month or next and receive the invitation to this class – Ruth and Kerry will lead you through pelvic floor awareness techniques to help improve the posture, muscle function and self-care of your pelvis. You have just a few more days to sign up for this offering! 

Want to make a difference in the world

Take one minute now and tell your Congressmembers in DC to take care of people and planet, and remove any fossil fuel bailout loopholes from the next massive relief package.

Our company changes with the times: 

In the coming weeks and months, Asheville Holistic PT is committed to supporting our community as best we can from an online platform. We are working on live video topics like physical therapy techniques partners can perform, how to support yourself to heal from diastasis, prolapse, and exercises you can utilize to maintain your body’s optimal alignment. We are receiving clear guidance that we are more connected than ever before, and stronger together (even though we are farther away from each other physically)!!  

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Our Mission Statement

AHPT’s mission is to empower individuals in transforming their physical body to mirror their inner strength and alignment using intuitive clinical assessment, postural awareness, movement, and manual therapy. We need the highest possible alignment to achieve wholeness.