In person classes

What is Your

Enlightened Pelvis?

It is…

  • A gathering of women,
  • Embodying spirit fully and enhancing creative potential, while
  • Understanding energy anatomy of bodies assigned female birth and activating the mechanics of this energy

It is…

  • Learning to balance masculine and feminine creative potential
  • Clearing trauma and stored energy through guided meditation and the elements
  • Reconnecting to the pelvic bowl and the magic of our bodies


Post pandemic – we need some reuniting with other like minded souls!
We need joyful sharing of our collective strength and to feel the power in that connection.

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4 Tuesday nights beginning April 18

**ONLY $100 TOTAL for FOUR 2-hour classes**

limited number of equity seats/work trade – 50% off – for more info


Your Enlightened Pelvis is a 4-week course taught by Ruth Elliot, PT. Each class is a blend of lecture, discussion, handouts, visualizations, journal prompts, movement, music, chocolate, and ritual. It is designed as an empowering and enlightening experience exploring the relationships between our bodies, emotions, and health.

Class One:
Understanding Your Creative Anatomy
*What happens with your emotions affects your body.
*Anatomy review and spiritual ‘purpose’ of women’s organs
*What is an enlightened pelvis? The light of your spirit wants to shine!

Class Two:
Your Root Knows
*The power of The Feminine Collective and The Sacred Feminine
*Chakras and pelvic health
*Pelvic map: Clothed self massage and what our physical imbalances say about us

Class Three:
Archetypes and Trauma
*Fully embody your radiance and power
*Archetypes of survival, protection, and safety
*Stuck energies and how to release them

Class Four:
Pelvic Bowl Resonance
*Structures of empowerment
*Creating using core resonance
*Recognizing limiting beliefs; clearing and receiving
Ritual, guided meditation, self massage and a TON OF INFORMATION received in community to RESTORE your pelvis to it’s full POWER.

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