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What are the Akashic Records?

The first definition I remember hearing is this: “Akasha” is the Sanskrit word for “the all that is.” Later, came scientist Ervin Laszlo’s definition in the early pages of his 2004 book Science and the Akashic Field: “Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘ether’: all-pervasive space. Originally signifying ‘radiation’ or ‘brilliance’ . . . Akasha embraces the properties of all five elements: it is the womb from which everything we perceive with our senses has emerged and into which everything will ultimately re-descend . . .”

Personally, I love Lazlo’s definition. While I rarely remember it word for word, there are days when the “brilliance” of the Records is palpable for me, and one of the many reasons I am grateful I can connect consciously to this light-filled energy and information. Laszlo also goes on to equate the concept of the Akashic Field with that of quantum physics and the Quantum Field (the Akasha Paradigm), a meaningful affirmation even for us non-scientists.

Many who already have heard of the Records then will start talking about Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). Perhaps the best-known Akashic Records reader, he often used the phrase “the book of life,” which also is how they are described in the Bible. Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) continues to study his 14,306 readings.

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Reasons people access their Akashic Records

What if you could ask your soul for guidance about what’s going on in your life?
Or what to say during a challenging conversation with a loved one or client?
What would it be like to receive healing energies from the higher aspects of yourself? Or allow your soul to connect you to the Divine?

Sometimes we open our Records directly, or we ask someone to access them for us. But either way, many of us use our Akashic Records — which contain every thought, feeling, word and action our souls have experienced since becoming an individuated aspect of the Divine — for guidance, healing, inspiration, and connection on a regular, even daily basis.

How Do You Read the Akashic Records?

Often people think only a rare few can read the Akashic Records. Yet, the Records have been very clear that there at are as many ways to access them as there are souls incarnated on the planet.

They also say that when humans first came to Earth, we arrived with the ability to access our Records. Since the goal of life here is to give our souls the ability to experience themselves physically, this makes sense. But, as the frequencies on the planet got lower and lower, accessing the Records became more difficult for many.

Still, many of us naturally slide into our Records during moments of brilliance, when we’re doing those things that connect us to our souls: Experiencing the sunset or the birth of a child, writing to a loved one or about a cherished belief, succumbing to prayer and deep meditation, planting a garden and dancing the tango – all of these glorious, engulfing and intense experiences can connect us to our bits of the Akashic Field.

But to consciously connect with our Records at will, most use some kind of prayer. The Akashic Records Integration Process is the process I use to open my own Records, as well as those of others. I also teach this method in courses throughout the year. Comprised of both a prayer and an energetic process, this method works like a master key, and is designed for people to change it with guidance from their Records. The idea that the process might change surprises some, but most I talk to appreciate the idea.

How Can You Learn to Do This?

While we’re all born with the ability to read our Records, most of us need some structure and practice to develop the skill of accessing them “on demand.” So, not surprisingly, the Records suggested designing classes to provide plenty of practice. Most of our courses are comprised of an initial two-day, in-person class in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. They are followed by three tele-classes, each spaced two weeks apart. The first course teaches how to open your own Akashic Records and that is a pre-requisite for the class on how to open the Akashic Records of others. The “homework” between each session allows people to integrate accessing the Records into their lives, and use them in practical, every-day kinds of situations, in addition to life’s bigger questions. Many who have taken the course gather for a monthly call where we open our Records and share our answers to a question or exercise I send out ahead of time.

So How Does Accessing the Records Impact People’s Lives?

Here’s one story:

A patient came in with chronic C4,5 disc protrusion at age 34. She has been turned down by a neurosurgeon but has had debilitating pain causing her to decrease her massage client load to 10% of her normal.

I was drawn to treat the left clavicular attachment – her high heart chakra which is where the soul‘s purpose lives. I asked her intuitively, what is it that is your dream job? She answered, it is not what I’m doing right now… I want to work with the dead and dying. As we released her clavicle, and the lung underneath the clavicle, she told me of laying with her grandfather as he passed away with lung cancer. She saw the light of his soul at the end of his life and was able to help him transition gently and peacefully by holding a safe space for him. She watched the light of his soul visit his chair – his box of cigars – and then his wife. As she recalls the story, her lungs release tension in both lobes. Her clavicle regains full range of motion which helps her arms reach overhead with no pain. I released the nerve that supplies her breathing on the right hand side as we talked about the weight that she carries in her chest – the elephant on her chest. I intuitively heard “the herd of elephants on your chest” and I shared that with her! She then shared with me that her sister is deaf and blind and spoke of the guilt she held for leaving the town where her sister is. “My sister, she’s one of the elephants on my chest,” she said. As we talked about letting go of the weight, teachings and paradigms, rigid ways of thinking that are not currently hers, her breath expanded into the cage of her ribs more freely. Her shoulder and the muscles pulling her arms close to her side and protection, softened and lengthened and the other arm was able to reach overhead fully, without pain or pulling. She now has decreased the chronic tension on her neck by relieving patterns of holding rigidly to the paradigms and responsibilities of her youth. Being closer to her true calling, the calling of her ‘high heart’ energy center in her chest, has softened the pull in her neck and arms.

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