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Cash or check is preferred

A credit card on file is required to book your session and can be charged after your session

Comfortable clothing you can move in.

Stretchy clothing that can be adjusted to expose skin for fascial manipulation techniques

Pelvic floor muscle assessment and treatment are just one of the many tools I use to support people with pelvic pain. I usually do not do an internal treatment to resolve long standing chronic pelvic pain on the first visit because I notice a huge difference in the pelvic floor muscles when I improve the pelvic bone structure first. Most treatments are 75% lying down receiving hands on therapy and 25% movement or re-training your body to integrate the fascial changes. Intuitive readings are incorporated into the hands-on portion of your session.
To open your akashic records we will center ourselves and then set the intention to connect to your soul’s wisdom using the method to open taught by the Akashic Alliance. You will only receive information that is relevant for right now, for your highest good, and with your permission.
Internal assessments are performed in a respectful way allowing patients to undress from the waist down in private. A sheet is covering the lower body until a gloved finger is used to assess the external and internal pelvic structures that may be causing pain or dysfunction. During the session, I maintain eye contact often to ensure trauma responses are avoided and patients feel safe and supported. The patient is in control of the ending of the session. Pain is avoided during treatments but may be experienced during the assessment portion as I learn your body. I may use different positions to impact the affected fascia and structures while working with the pelvic muscles, fascia and surrounding structures. I am a trauma informed practitioner and believe in always advocating for my patient’s voice to be heard during a session. Nothing is done without permission and consent. The patient guides the boundaries. I do my best to explain every technique before performing it.

At this time I only see female, trans male or non-binary people with genitalia of someone assigned female at birth.

Yes! I treat any and all genders for Intuitive PT services.

No. I do not use gym equipment for my therapy. I do help you figure out the most supportive exercises for you at the gym and I encourage body weight exercises in my sessions as homework.

I am a massage therapist by trade with a speciality in Trigger Points. I rarely offer soft tissue massage – it is only one tool in my toolbelt and I apply it occasionally. I do not offer an unclothed relaxing massage but highly recommend the esalen trained massage therapists at StillPoint Wellness Spa.

Your Enlightened Pelvis is a 4-week course taught by Ruth Elliot, PT. Each class is a blend of lecture, discussion, handouts, visualizations, journal prompts, movement, music, chocolate, and ritual. It is designed as an empowering and enlightening experience exploring the relationships between our bodies, emotions, and health.

Class One: Understanding Your Creative Anatomy
  • What happens with your emotions affects your body.
  • Anatomy review and spiritual ‘purpose’ of women’s organs
  • What is an enlightened pelvis? The light of your spirit wants to shine!
Class Two: Your Root Knows
  • The power of The Feminine Collective and The Sacred Feminine
  • Chakras and pelvic health
  • Pelvic map: Clothed self massage and what our physical imbalances say about us
Class Three: Archetypes and Trauma
  • Fully embody your radiance and power
  • Archetypes of survival, protection, and safety
  • Stuck energies and how to release them
Class Four: Pelvic Bowl Resonance
  • Structures of empowermen
  • Creating using core resonance
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs; clearing and receiving
StillPoint Wellness is graciously hosting this class. Their new location is fully-accessible and located at 946 Tunnel Road. There is parking in front of and behind the building, with overflow parking available next door at Groce United Methodist Church

The class is designed to be taken as a series, so no discounts are available for missing a class.  At the end of each class, Ruth will send a link to all participants that will allow them to listen to the class for one week.  She can send a link to handouts as requested.

Yes. I will do my best. The content is geared towards those assigned female at birth, but anyone who identifies as female is welcome.
Yes, and please be certain any drinks are in containers with lids.
Comfortable clothes with warm socks or slippers. Yoga mats, cushions, and chairs are available as seating options, and stretching and moving our bodies is encouraged.
No scheduled breaks are planned, but you are welcome to get up, stretch, leave, and return at any time. Please take care of your own needs!
Masks are not required, and personal choice is respected.

Any occasional sharing is optional with no pressure, and is not the bulk of the class.

Paper or a journal, something to write with. Snacks and a drink with a closable lid.  Handouts will be available for each class.

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