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Ruth’s FIVE Components of

HolisticPelvic Healing

Optimum Health Requires Openness to Holistic Healing on Every Level

Many intuitive practitioners are limited in their diagnosis process by only seeing energetic patterns or soul-level blockages. I will offer this during intuitive sessions as well as a full physical therapy evaluation to discover which muscles, bones, tissues, organs and nerves are responding to this energetic displacement. Your body will guide the treatments depending on prioritizing each postural issue and we will incorporate the totality of causes both physical and meta-physical.

With this combination approach, expect a permanent and complete resolution of symptoms- soul-level release, forgiveness and integration will allow the body total freedom to function optimally. Combined with exercise, self-care, nervous system reprogramming, and body awareness, these energetic clearings can stay cleared and new patterns can be formed. These multi-dimensional sessions offer the opportunity for complete and permanent resolution of symptoms

Physical therapy based self-massage, exercise, stretches and functional exercises tailored to your needs and your specific ability to perform your exercises can transform your body. What you do on a daily basis is the most influential message your body can receive and it is from YOU. We will incorporate positive affirmations and new body paradigms into your personalized program for the most powerful message you have ever given your body for healing. Clients who approach their self-care routine with enthusiasm experience empowered ability to relieve pain, feel stronger and more in control of their physical functioning. Retraining your daily habits can be a challenge but with clear direction can be a 21-day commitment that easily lasts forever.
I read the physical body’s patterns of fascial and energetic holding by placing hands gently on attachments points and ‘listening’ to the fascial tissues. The body guides my hands to the most important location that is asking for release- the ‘Big Boss’ who is pulling the other structures out of alignment. With intentional listening as taught in osteophathic physical medicine I am able to assess and treat efficiently often offering relief in 1 to 2 sessions. I work hard not to follow physical therapy recipes or cookie cutter protocols but instead I let your body guides what is our most important next step.
Reading and playing in the Akashic records (your souls record of its learning process) can truly open the deepest layers of change your physical body is ready for at any given moment. Asking the question ‘is this pain physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual’ can often open the floodgates of information your soul is wanting your body to have! You may come to an Akashic integration session with questions and open the doors to understanding the deepest ‘meaning’ of your pelvic pain or dysfunction. A healing at this level will inevitably stick with you, probably change your life, and you’ll likely start making up song and dance to illustrate your new found freedom! In all seriousness there is often crying and release as women find a connection to their deeper soul wisdom being taught to them by their bodies.

Combining yoga, therapeutic exercise, spinal stability, and any favorite martial art in a treatment program will help open the muscles and movement patterns to a new level of optimal function. Patients often know what their goals are and will also have an idea of how long they are willing to spend working on goals. I will work with each patient to design a complicated or simple personalized workout designed to CHALLENGE your body in just the right way. If you want to function in a new way then we have to get you to move in a new way too! The more focused and committed you are to the program the more results you can expect!

Techniques Used In Holistic Physical Therapy To Reclaim Body Connection

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